Holiday Projects BIRTHDAY

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Let’s break this task down:

First of all, let’s find a costume.

If you borrow anything, make sure you ask permission first!  And definitely don’t cut anything up without supervision!

Look at your clothes or your dressing up box and think – how do I feel when I wear that?  Like a superhero?  Like a dancer?  Can I scare people?

Why don’t you add a hat or some boots?

Now you have your costume…

When you have your costume.  I want you to think, who would wear this?  Somebody young or somebody old?  What is their job?  Are they happy or miserable?  Do they have a family?  Where do they live?  How do they walk?  How do they speak?  Do they have any funny habits – scratching their nose, rubbing their beard or flicking their hair?

Now you have the start of a character…

Let’s give your character a chance to tell us what happened when they popped down the shops.  If you can’t film yourself, ask a brother/sister or mum or dad to film you.  

You might want to write down a script and learn it, or you might want to improvise.  Why not try both?  And don’t worry, if you start recording and it all goes wrong, you can re-set it.

We can’t wait to see your costumes and the characters who are wearing them!  

Video length: 1 minute 30 seconds