Holiday Projects BIRTHDAY

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Let’s break this task down:

First of all look through the suggestions for your specialist subject.  Pick one that sparks some ideas.  You will be giving people tips with your expert knowledge and 60-90 seconds can feel like quite a long time when you’re making it up!

 Herding cats

 Eating an ice cream cone

 Boiling an egg

 Walking a pet pig

 Raking leaves

 Playing hide and seek

 Running a mile

 Reading a newspaper

 Taking out the bins

 Eating Spaghetti

 Playing Ping Pong

 Searching for car keys

 Telling a joke

 Sneezing

 Washing your hands

 Swatting a fly

 Playing dead

 Lying

 Whining to get your way

 Staring

Next, think about your expert.  What kind of person are they?  How do they speak – slow, fast, low, high?  How do they move – flappy, smooth, like a commander?  Use your imagination or think about people you know for some inspiration.  It will be easier to write your monologue once you have your character in mind, as the script will reflect your expert’s personality as well as their expertise.

Next, think of as many things as you can about the subject.  Its origins, developments, how people view it, why you’re passionate about it, how you can inspire others and so on.  Time for that imagination to kick in!

Remember the 5 Actors Tools

Finally, get ready to perform your expert speech.  Can you add an element of costume?

And don’t worry, if you start recording and it all goes wrong, you can re-set it.

Video length: 1 minute 30 seconds