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Drama provision in Primary Schools_Reading, West Berkshire and Wokingham


Drama provision in Primary Schools_Reading, West Berkshire and Wokingham



Let’s break this task down:

First of all, choose a headline that makes you laugh:

Very Hungry Caterpillar Eats Everything in Sight

 Frosty the Snowman Elected Prime Minister

 Talking Toy Scares Away Burglar

 Boy Lost in Corn Maze Calls 999

 Three Little Pigs Take Wolf to Court for Harassment

 Lion Befriends Mouse After Mouse Saves His Life

 Boy Discovers Actual Monster Under Bed

 Cinderella Complains that Prince Charming Has Turned into a Couch Potato

 Girl Gets £1,000,000 from Tooth Fairy

 Boy Makes Awful Face, it Sticks that Way

 Teacher Fired for Spraying Students with Air Freshener

 Woman Annoyed by Deer Ringing Her Doorbell

 ‘Slightly Haunted’ House Spooks Potential Buyers

 College Offers Course in Zombie Apocalypse

 ‘Raining Spiders’ in Brazil

 Owner Makes Dog Vomit After Pooch Ate Concert Tickets

 Easter Egg Tree Grows in Germany

 Man Has Daughter, 9, Drive Him to Store

 Man Trying to Split Atoms at Home Gets Arrested

 Gorilla Mascot Attacked by Man in Banana Costume

Once you have your story…

Sit down and think through the details.  

Ask yourself:  How? What? Where? Why?  Which?  When?  Who?

Now you have the details of your news story…

Think about how you are going to tell the story.  Use some really powerful words if you can, to make it sound dramatic and serious.  Start with something along the lines of, “This is Joseph Pimm with the news at 6”  followed by the headline as an announcement, then go into the details of the story.  You will need a beginning, a middle and an end to keep the viewer’s interest, as discussed in class.

Think about your voice, your clothes and anything else that will add to the performance.

Remember the 5 Actors Tools

And don’t worry, if you start recording and it all goes wrong, you can re-set it.

We can’t wait to see your news story!  

Video length: 1 minute 30 seconds