Holiday Projects BIRTHDAY

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Let’s break this task down:

First of all, choose a toy that you would like to use as your puppet.

Look at your toy and have a think about its character.  Ask yourself some questions…what is the toy’s name? old is the toy?...where has the toy come from and who else has it belonged to?

Is your toy warm and friendly?  Or is it adventurous and crazy?  Perhaps it is fed up and grumpy?

What does your toy sound like when it speaks?  Is it squeaky?  Is it posh?  Or perhaps its voice is really deep!

Now you have an idea of your toy’s character and story…

What is your toy going to reveal about you?  Has your toy seen you do something funny?  Does your toy want to stay forever, or does it want to escape?  Try to think up your own idea.

Now you know what your toy wants to say…

Let’s give your toy a chance to tell us all about you on camera!  If you can’t film yourself, ask a brother/sister or mum or dad to film you.  Try to just have the toy in the video so that it looks like the toy is talking to us and make sure the toy tells us the name of its owner.  

You might want to write down a script and read, or you might want to improvise.  Why not try both?  And don’t worry, if you start recording and it all goes wrong, you can re-set it.

We can’t wait to see your toy stories!  

Video length: 1 minute 30 seconds