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Drama provision in Primary Schools_Reading, West Berkshire and Wokingham


Drama provision in Primary Schools_Reading, West Berkshire and Wokingham


Do you want to know what the parents of our students really think?  Read on!

My son is so happy doing drama with you guys. It's as if all his worries are gone.

Tilehurst Senior class

Can I take this opportunity to truly thank you and express my appreciation for the Stageability programme. The whole ethos of the curriculum and the carefully selected leaders have all been such a huge contribution to my son's whole wellbeing over the past years.

When we moved here 3 years ago, he left all his family and friends behind, and was quite lost and this really impacted him. He came to you a shy and withdrawn and quite an anxious child. He met kids who were in his school, making him feel secure quicker. Drama itself was a really nurturing environment, where all kids were allowed to be themselves, and they were so kind and caring to him. The Leaders really were amazing. So friendly and personable. At the beginning it was the only thing he looked forward to in the week. He took much longer to feel ok at school. He has over the 3 years with you, been really allowed room for his personality to develop and express himself. And I can hardly believe this is the same child! He's relaxed, easy going, and more importantly confident. He's become an extrovert, and feels comfortable enough to be his jovial self, with adults and new people. I'm so proud of him and thoroughly indebted to you all. Thankyou for doing such an amazing job, and a special heartfelt thanks to the Leaders who are practically family.  

Lower Earley Junior class

Just wanted to say what a fabulous time both the kids had last week. They loved the games, the rehearsals, the singing, the acting, the performance, the instructors, the whole shabang. SO much so that they are interested in drama classes.

Summer School

I just wanted to say how much my son LOVES Stageability.  It’s exactly what he wants to do, with none of the stuff he doesn’t want to do.  He doesn’t even come with a particular friend, but he is still so keen to come every week, it’s amazing.  Thank you.

Wokingham Junior class

We are all humming away to the songs still (even the boys) and I told the girls they will have the songs in their heads forever!   An enormous Thank You to you for such a fantastic production and an incredible introduction for my children to the Theatre and Stage. Such a lovely bunch of children and you could see how much they enjoyed themselves (and us for that matter).

Theatre show

Thank you so much for your help and cooperation. What you are doing is great and I can see such happy faces-keep up the good work!
Wokingham Infant class

I would like to thank you and all the team for all the fun and dedication over the last few years with both girls.  It has been a fantastic experience for them both and has helped them with their self- confidence too.  I'm sure I'll see you again soon.  Many, many thanks for everything, 

Wokingham Junior/Senior class

Firstly thank you for all the hard work you and all the other helpers put into the show on Saturday.  The kids have once again has loved every minute of it and we all thought the show was amazing.  

Theatre show

The show really was fantastic my family and friends also really enjoyed it. Ben has got up every morning since saying he wishes he was doing the show again!

Theatre show